Washington D.C.

One thing I like about my job as a software developer is that I get to travel. Conferences, workshops, meetings and more take me “all over the world”. I usually bring my camera(s) hoping to get the opportunity to do some photography in between meetings.

Last fall I was in Washington D.C. for a workshop on environmental monitoring. We traveled to D.C. a few days before the workshop to get the jet lag out of our systems. This gave me the opportunity to spend a day sightseeing around town.

The first photo is from the Vietnam Memorial Wall:

The Vietnam Memorial Wall

Looking at the wall and the people I noticed that quite a few of the visitors were grandparents showing the wall to smaller kids, perhaps explaining their own experiences from that time. At the same time I was looking at all the names, and I found the contrast between the names on the wall and the people milling around striking: It could have been these people showing their grandkids around the mall…

The next photo is from the DuPont Circle subway station:

DuPont Circle subway station

I found the symmetry and structure of the station appealing, and when I managed to capture a train coming (or going…) I knew I had a shot.

The last picture is from Lincoln Memorial:

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Ever since I went to school in Baltimore back in ’86 and learned about the American Civil War I have been fascinated by the life and story of Abe, and I was happy to visit the memorial 🙂

Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway

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