Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk 2013

Today I attended the 6th annual Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk in Trondheim. Like last year, we spent about two hours walking around in the city, and like last year I spent too much time on the first part of walk, and could not fully explore the final parts. I guess some things never change 🙂

Since I knew a bit more about what I got into, I had mentally prepared better this time, and was able to focus more on grabbing shots with potential while walking, knowing that I could sort and choose when I got back to my laptop.

The first two photos are taken at Bakklandet, the old part of Trondheim. Known for its picturesque houses and lots of details, it is a photographic heaven of opportunities. However, I had already been there and done that so I had to look outside my “norm”.

Can you escape?
Can you escape?

I had brought the “big stopper” to take some photos of the river and the docks along the side. Note how the leaves floating in the river creates small stripes in the water.

Fall over Nidelven
Fall over Nidelven

As usual, there were also a lot of little details to be found in shop windows and the like

_5M37661As we passed over the river and back into the city centre, we could hear shouting. and went to investigate. It was two groups of demonstrators shouting at each other:

Having an opinion
Having an opinion

After watching the demonstration for some time, and seeing that it would not lead to a full-blown riot (how disappointing… 🙂 ), we headed over to Solsiden to meet the other photo walk participants. There I spent some time exploring the old crane and machinery before heading in for pizza.

Cable Drum
Cable Drum





Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk

Last week was the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk and I participated at the walk in Trondheim. It was great fun, especially to meet up with other photographers. Even if we have a photo club at work, it is always nice to meet other local enthusiasts.

We walked from the city centre and out through an industrial harbour area before returning through Svartlamon (link is in Norwegian only). Svartlamon is an area for experimentation in different forms of societal organization.

Walking through the industrial area, there were a lot of motives. The challenge was how to avoid all the other photographers…

What’s happening here?

That made “landscape” photography difficult, even it there was a lot of motives. On the other hand, industrial areas also contain a lot of opportunities for details and such.

No Smoking!!
The evil eye

And by careful timing, it was also possible to get some landscape shots…

Heavy lifting

Svartlamon, on our back, was a totally different experience. It was filled with street art and political statements. And sometimes it was difficult to see what was what…

Trash art
Trash art detail – can you spot the little camera?
Say no to the materialist patriarchy’s attempt to commercialize our childhood!!

All in all, it was great fun 🙂 I look forward to next year already! And great thanks to Trøndelag Fotoklubb for arranging the photo walk! More of the photos from the walk can be found on my Flickr page

Attention to detail….

This summer, I visited Orlando with my family. We visited Disney World, and I was fascinated by the attention to detail that all the theme parks have.

Detail from fountain

The little fountain above was just next to a cafeteria inside the park. Most people just sat there, and I would guess that most people just took it as part of the scenery without really reflecting over the details…

Asian temple

Also, the temple in the Asian part looked like it had been taken straight from the Asian jungle and dropped in place. Of course, it helps that the surrounding forest had a tropical feel (I think it would have looked strange in a Norwegian winter pine forest).

Tiger detail

At the tiger enclosure, the attention to detail was also clear as seen in this wall painting of a tiger…

Not only the buildings were “authentic looking”. Someone had also thought through the details on the costumes of artists performing, as seen in these two “African” drummers.

Street artist at Animal Kingdom

Varese, Italy

Another one of my travels from last fall. I “had” to go to Varese, Italy (just outside Milano) for a conference on environmental monitoring in the EU.

The morning after the conference finished, I was waiting for my plane back home. To shorten the waiting time, I grabbed my camera and headed out into the streets for my first attempt at street photography. I found a table at a small restaurant and waited…

In the center of Varese there is a small square, and people were crossing it on their way to work, school or something else completely. I noticed a beggar going around asking for money, and as he approached to elderly gentlemen I saw the opportunity for a shot…

As I was sitting there, two young girls came over and asked if I could take their portraits. I was happy to oblige, and agreed to send them the photos afterwards. Unfortunately, the e-mail address they gave bounced, so they probably never have seen them…

I found the narrow streets of Varese fascinating, especially considering that Italians drove through streets I would never have attempted

Of course, I managed to “scratch” my car going through a street that buses usually drive through 😛

Washington D.C.

One thing I like about my job as a software developer is that I get to travel. Conferences, workshops, meetings and more take me “all over the world”. I usually bring my camera(s) hoping to get the opportunity to do some photography in between meetings.

Last fall I was in Washington D.C. for a workshop on environmental monitoring. We traveled to D.C. a few days before the workshop to get the jet lag out of our systems. This gave me the opportunity to spend a day sightseeing around town.

The first photo is from the Vietnam Memorial Wall:

The Vietnam Memorial Wall

Looking at the wall and the people I noticed that quite a few of the visitors were grandparents showing the wall to smaller kids, perhaps explaining their own experiences from that time. At the same time I was looking at all the names, and I found the contrast between the names on the wall and the people milling around striking: It could have been these people showing their grandkids around the mall…

The next photo is from the DuPont Circle subway station:

DuPont Circle subway station

I found the symmetry and structure of the station appealing, and when I managed to capture a train coming (or going…) I knew I had a shot.

The last picture is from Lincoln Memorial:

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Ever since I went to school in Baltimore back in ’86 and learned about the American Civil War I have been fascinated by the life and story of Abe, and I was happy to visit the memorial 🙂

Waiting for the boat

A few weeks ago, I was in Oslo with my friend Jon. A perfect evening with some photography, a nice dinner at a tapas restaurant and some more photography.

I have always wanted to do some street photography, but have lacked the courage to do this. However, together with Jon and under the cover of darkness I was able to let loose and take some pictures of random strangers passing by.

I felt that I got a few good ones, but my favorites were taken around the ferry to Nesodden.

The first photo shows a lady waiting for the ferry. Typical of the weary traveler she finds rest while waiting, since there is little else to do.

The second photo was taken at the dock towards the entrance to the ferry. The bright entrance surrounded by darkness makes me think of space travel (for some reason)…

The rest of the images from this session can be found on my flickr stream

The images have been edited with the DxO Filmpack so that they look like the old Kodak Tri-X 400 film.