In the darkness…

V Before U in concert

One of areas where cameras have really improved since I bought my first DSLR 8 years ago is in the ability to take photos in the dark. My EOS 300D produced fairly nice photos up to ISO 800, while I can get better results at ISO 6400 with my current 7D. This opens up new areas of photography where I felt that I had something I wanted to capture, but didn’t have the means to do so.

One such area is concert photography. One of my friends plays in the band V Before U, and I get to go their concerts and grab some photos every once in a while. One of my favorite concerts (in terms of photography) was the concert at Rockheim in April 2011.

V Before U on stage at Rockheim
V Before U on stage

One of the things I really like with the band, is the energy in both their music and their performance. Especially the lead singer is all over the stage during the concert. Even so, I managed to capture a rare and tender moment where he was standing still.

A tender moment

This is a more common sight:

The lead singer in a more common sight


My friend in this band is the guitar player, and we have shared many a laugh during lunch for the past 15 years whenever we get the chance to have lunch together (and that has more to do with me than him. He eats lunch at the same time every day. It’s just that my schedule prevents me from doing the same). The same playful mood and humor is also evident during the concerts.

The playful guitarist

The last photo is of the bass player.

The bass player

The other photos from this concert can be seen here

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