Man’s best friend…

Last summer, we got ourselves a dog. Due to my allergies, we had to get a none-shedding, family friendly dog that could keep us company when skiing or hiking. Theo, or Thelonious Rex as his full name is, is a medium doodle. In our case, that is a cross between a poodle, golden retriever and Italian water dog.

He is still only a puppy, and this morning it was snowing heavily, and Theo (as with most children) loved to be outside in the snow playing when we let him out the door. This is the sight that greeted me when I went to get him back inside:

Theo in the snow...

And boy has he grown since we got him this summer:

Theo on the day we got him, July 22nd 2011.

I am already looking forward to the summer, when we can play in the garden again:

Let's play

More pictures of Theo can be found on my flickr page

Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway

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