Animal portraits

I live quite close to a riding school and stable (Reppe Ridesenter), and enjoy going out to photograph the horses in all seasons…

I am especially fascinated by the horses that spend all year (day and night) outdoors. Even in the bitterest winter winds, they are out in the fields, looking happy and content.

The horse Stinor, a Norwegian breed intended to be outside year round

Of course, the summer is a better time for the horses 🙂 They can enjoy the green grass, like Monty and and Rosie below:

Horses don’t like to be alone, and usually when I walk around the stables, I see that the horses are enjoying each others company. Either they are running together

or they are helping each other with scratching all the small itches from flies and other insects

Monty and Salomon are taking care of each other

Of course, life is not all play for the school horses. The last picture is of Salomon, one of the school Shetland ponies. He has just finished his work in the riding hall. You can see his thick winter coat that enables him to be outside on the coldest winter days…

Salomon is happy with his efforts in riding class today