The Mermaids of Drøbak

This week I was on a short trip to Oslo. Since it was the beginning of my holidays, I took a few days extra to visit friends and family. On Thursday, I visited my photographer friend Jon Leirdal (over at and we went strolling around his home “town” Drøbak for a few hours. On the marina of Drøbak there are a statue of three mermaids.

As we were standing there, a cruise ship passed by, giving us an opportunity for some storytelling:

Sing! Sing! in your sweetest voice!
Sing! Sing! in your sweetest voice!
It's getting away!!
It’s getting away!!
"All your fault!!" "I know noooothing!"
“All your fault!!” “I know noooothing!”

Hopefully they will get another chance when the next cruise liner passes by…



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