Attention to detail….

This summer, I visited Orlando with my family. We visited Disney World, and I was fascinated by the attention to detail that all the theme parks have.

Detail from fountain

The little fountain above was just next to a cafeteria inside the park. Most people just sat there, and I would guess that most people just took it as part of the scenery without really reflecting over the details…

Asian temple

Also, the temple in the Asian part looked like it had been taken straight from the Asian jungle and dropped in place. Of course, it helps that the surrounding forest had a tropical feel (I think it would have looked strange in a Norwegian winter pine forest).

Tiger detail

At the tiger enclosure, the attention to detail was also clear as seen in this wall painting of a tiger…

Not only the buildings were “authentic looking”. Someone had also thought through the details on the costumes of artists performing, as seen in these two “African” drummers.

Street artist at Animal Kingdom

Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway

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