ND filter fun!

On my trip to Washington last fall, I bought a 10-stop ND filter. I haven’t really had the time to play around with it much since the process of using it is so time-consuming.

However, yesterday and today I got the opportunity to spend some time in Drivdalen and at Kjøvangen taking photos with the filter.

The process of using such a filter is quite time-consuming. Since it takes away 99,9 percent of the light, it is impossible to use the viewfinder for composing. Thus, composition must be done either without the filter or by using high ISO snapshots.

The exposure easily runs into the hundreds of seconds, something that gives silky smooth water. This summer has been a wet summer in Norway, meaning lots of rain and lots of water in the rivers and waterfalls.

The dismal summer also means that the beaches are fairly empty (there is no such thing as bad weather, only different photo opportunities). Right next to our cabin there is a public beach with a nice quay. In the summer it has always been full of people, but today it was almost empty. Thus I found another opportunity to play around with the ND-filter.

In the last photo, some people arrived on the quay, but the since they didn’t manage to stay still for long periods of time, the effect was more like ghosts than real people…

Akershus, Norway

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